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Art Therapy

Art therapy can relieve anxiety.  And it can provide insight into the complexities of our personal lives and relationships. Self-expression and communication occur through the making of art as thoughts, ideas and emotions are expressed in a different way within a supportive and non-judgemental relationship with an experienced art therapist. No art skills are necessary. 

For reasons of confidentiality, the images I show here as examples are ones I have made myself.

Art Therapy: Text
Art Therapy: Pro Gallery

It is the innate creative impulse in all human beings that leads to self-expression and individual growth. Development and healing can occur when people make their own objects and images as “good-enough” art. Art therapy provides a safe, empathic relationship and space to do this, and is in a unique position to foster the inner psychological, creative and aesthetic life of individuals and society.

Please take a look at my Doodle Dream & Draw

Art Therapy: Text
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