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art therapy

Life can be very difficult - and it can be wonderful too. Art has always been something we human beings turn to in our need to discover and articulate the light and darkness of our inner world. Time spent with an art therapist can help you access your inner creativity so as to express your feelings, organize your thoughts, and deal with issues and relationships that are causing you difficulty. Art therapy can also provide the means for productive self-reflection leading to personal growth and emotional and mental well-being. 

A key concept of art therapy is that images can help when words are hard to find. As well, they can tap into unconscious ideas that don’t always surface during conversation. Using images and words together can be a powerful way to gain insight and find solutions to that which unsettles and frustrates you.

I offer a safe space and an empathic, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship where you can securely explore your inner and outer life through art therapy - what is on your mind, what is troubling you, what you wish for - in order to think in new ways and move towards a more satisfying life. Please contact me if you are interested in private art therapy.

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