How Art Helps Us Think

Art-making requires that we use our imaginative capacities to create form. In this way we refine our perception, develop skills and concepts, create ideas, express our individuality and cultivate our thoughts


A Bit About Me

Catherine Wells, B.F.A., M.A.
 is an art therapist and artist, director of the Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School, and the Pointe-Saint-Charles Art Therapy Centre, and a professional member of the Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec and the Canadian Art Therapy Association. She has worked in the art, medical, educational, community and corporate milieus with individuals and groups of all ages. Presently she works as an art therapist at the art school, and is the art therapist at Chez Doris, a women's shelter in Montreal. She also has a private art therapy practice and works as a painter.

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Art therapy can relieve stress and provide insight into the complexities of our personal lives and relationships. Self-expression and communication occur through the making of art as thoughts, ideas and emotions are expressed in a different way. No art skills are necessary.

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I am trying to choose what I paint so that it reverberates somehow with some interior feeling - attraction, nostalgia, curiosity, or maybe even something I cannot name. Sometimes it's just the colour...